Paul The Octopus Got It Right

Was there ever any doubt?! except of course from my co-conspirator. I knew that that eight-tentacled freak wouldn’t let me down, and I’m flush as a result. Maverick…?. That’s right….thumbs up!
See the problem with banking on history repeating itself is that, well, if you look hard enough you can find a pattern in almost anything. I’m more for the randomness of chance spliced with the gypsy skills of a psychic octopus, as illustrated below.

Paul the psychic octopus
[Thanks DP, I know all things gypsy are close to your heart]

So there we have it, the table of probability according to Paul the Octopus, just basic science really.

The question is, can Paul feel the Gees when Germany is not involved in a fixture. As far as I know he’s not been called upon to flex his vision where Germany are not involved.

Judging by his last psychic session, Paul’s reach into the future is about 2 days (77 days in octopus time) we can expect  the cephalopod mollusk to engage his fairground antics on Friday to predict the outcome of the 3rd and 4th place World Cup Playoffs between Germany and Uruguay, and if his 3 hearts are up to it, he’ll have a go at determining the result of the World Cup Final between Spain and Holland on Sunday.

Paul the octopus
I get the feeling Paul’s a bit over the whole circus act surrounding his ability to taste victory, apparently a barrage of insults aimed at Paul’s mother and a catalogue of online octopus recipes have quelled the little guy’s willingness to Michael J Fox himself. Talk about being stuck between  that rock in his tank and a hard place: Predict the future: get it wrong and you’re a shit octopus, get it right and you’re dinner. So unfair.

Germany v Spain: 2010 FIFA World Cup Semi Final
I think you’re a champ Paul.

~ by bowlphilosophy on July 9, 2010.

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  1. […] put the brakes on the citrus express and claim football’s most sought after prize, and with psychic octopus Paul’s backing surely only a cataclysmic intervention can stop them. It’s all to play for with both […]

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