J-Bay Winter Fest 2013 promo is twisted

J-bay winter fest 2013 surfing


Back To Core – JBay Winter Fest feat. Tanika Hoffman from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Yes, yes, that was a pun, thanks to some bastardisation work on a helmet rig for a GoPro. I like it, particularly for the surfing and bits.

With the Billabong Pro giving SA a wide berth this year, the townsfolk of Jeffery’s Bay have decided to carry on regardless and throw some proper coastal gees into a festival featuring a grand spectrum of events from long-boarding and mountain biking to an open surfing event as well as a fins-free frictionless event. It all looks pretty cool, with some big names, Mark Occhilupo, Sean Holmes, Greg Emslie, Ryan Payne, Paul Canning, I AM WOK, Dale Staples, Frankie Oberholzer, Dave Rastovich and Warren Dean competing in the open.

Dates: 6 – 14 July 2013

See ya’ll there yo.

~ by bowlphilosophy on June 18, 2013.

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