Die Antwoord Parody – Enter the Ginger

Arnie may currently be carving fresh white lines across picture perfect powdered slopes but that doesn’t mean he has stopped spreading the love and joy of all things awesome.

He recently took the time to send me this… A little parody anthem for the gingers…

(thanks Dr Gonzo)

Baffled… Here’s the original version of enter the ninja:


If that fanta tirade was just an orange blur, here are the lyrics:


Check it. I represent those freckled and copper

In our race, we got these red-coloured rings

Darks, lights, scarlets

Gingers, amaranths, roses, burnt hues, cardinals

I’m like… all the sunburn stings

All those red alleles

Topped into one hairstyle


My-y-y… my skin is ultra-white

I need sun protection from the UV light

Aye, aye, aye… I am the Scottish type

Anaemic complexion, need sun protection


I’m a ginger, son

My hair is like a flickering flame, I feel pain being in the sun

I hate sunlight, cuts me shining like a knife

(I’m a ginger… shunned!)

Like Bozo the Clown, I’m never brown – wear a shirt in the bath

Gotta stay in the shade, sunrays are harsh

No melato-nin, pale as The O-men


I aint got a soul, skin is full of mel-ano-ma!

Spot fire, crotch pyre of carc-ino-ma!

I’m a hot chilli pepper with this blazing red

God dammit, at least you don’t live with Ronald Weasley’s head

Slip Slop Slap, rolling on more…


Hereditary, recessive genes fleck my flesh

My doctor might check my freckled specks

Hair is scarlet as blush, I ate too much crust

Curls starting to rust

Got fiery chro-mo-somes

Rosiest hormones, I’m saucier than to-ma-toes

Such harmfulness from sunburn blisters, don a hat

I’m flaming as Van Gogh

My Cherry is Ripe

I’m Orphan Annie, a raggy doll

I don’t pass for no strawb’rry blonde

I’m fi-i-i-irecrotch for life, yo

I’m a ginger


My-y-y my skin is ultra-white

I need sun protection from the UV light

Aye, aye, aye. I am the Scottish type

Anaemic complexion, need sun protection

My-y-y my skin is ultra-white

I see no reflection, like I’m from Twilight

I-I-I find candles far too bright

Allergic reaction to light refraction


Gingerkid jokes? Cruel

I’m called Chuckie and ranga, swim in no pool

White as chalk, with fiery locks

Call the firetruck… I’m not Blue!

As I bake, flake, ache

Sunburnt til my arms are fried

Fanta pants, a pure

Caucasian and daywalker

Gingers stay indoor

We’re not like people from that Jersey Shore

Need more sunblock or we get hot and charred raw

I’ll get no child as a sperm clinic donor

Hiding from the break of dawn

Thriving in the cool of night

I can’t tan without catching alight

I’m sanguine, see

We navigate the shade of fences, gates and trees

Every purchase I make so ‘shadily’

I’m Anne of Green Gables

Pippi Longstocking, reddish, with Hermione Granger

Ginger, my bangs

Totally white flesh

Failing math… can’t do trig with no Tan

My Spice Girl suit is slutty

Redder than the wig on Roxanne

Just need a temp’rate zone, suncream and a fan


I’m a ginger



Gosh, this is like,

The least I’ve stung or felt burnt in my whole life

Stuck in a box of Redheads… hey don’t shake it!

No more dyeing or mousses

This place has got no sun

You can’t see I’m a freckled sideshow

Can’t look at me now!

Holed up in this box instead

No light!

I’m housed inside!

No more blisters

Enter the ginger

We so recessive

Keep your sun deck

I’m safe from cancer

I like shade…


Written, rapped, directed, filmed and edited by Nib Oswald Chorus sung by Emelia May (a genuine survivor of gingervitis) Yo-Landi Vi$$er played by DJ Eve Speciall

~ by bowlphilosophy on January 26, 2012.

One Response to “Die Antwoord Parody – Enter the Ginger”

  1. Ginga and proud!

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