Fernie Alpine Resort is Open!

The scene of my 2009 Canadian winter: Fernie, British Columbia. I signed up for an 11 week instructor course with these chaps Nonstop Snowboard, one of those life experiences that makes your skull feel convertible, letting your brain loose to let its hair down – crazy imagery huh, but that’s how it is! Admittedly I broke myself, repeatedly, trying to execute ambitious manoeuvres prescribed by our ex cage-fighting instructor. A interesting, mightily-bearded chap channeling his latent rage into his students ambition, a volatile formula that somehow works.

Colourful, and yes, that word…epic, times. Cool crew, crazy nights, blue bird days and so much white noise!

Here’s a shot of opening day of Fernie’s 2013 season opening weekend…*sigh* almost taints Cape Town’s sun-drenched Tuesday.

Fernie alpine resort 2013 opening weekend

Damn those were some good times, place is a firetrucking powder mecca.

Feel like blowing this rice paddy for 3 months… you could do a lot worse than a BC winter:

and Go!

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