World Rhino Day 2011

If you’re not aware of the mindless slaughter of these magnificent creatures then you’re either assuming an ostrich-stance on all matters overwhelming, or you’ve never quite recovered from the first Burning Man Festival in 1986. Those are literally the only 2 options for having access to the interwebs and claiming ignorance.

Green Renaissance have done some splendid work recently to further highlight the plight Rhinos face due to the barbaric demand for their horn, primarily through their partnership with companies wanting to convey their support for conservation by way of visual medium, but also through a self-funded series of guerrilla activations, the most recent of which now peppers the Sea Point Promenade.

Wood for the crosses was gathered from the Woodstock Municipal Dump, coated with eco-paint, assembled and installed on the promenade last night. Woolworths are driving an awareness campaign to raise funds for the protection of Rhino’s, and will donate R10 from every ‘imagine rhiNOs’ shopping bag. Take a walk through the installation in Sea Point, it’s quite touching, then do something to help fight Rhino poaching.



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~ by bowlphilosophy on September 22, 2011.

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