All I Can World Premier

My head feels like a deserted parking lot today, just a few oil stains, the odd piece of litter, and for effect, some misplaced tumbleweed. Sometimes Mondays are just a fat pile of pants.

Now that you’ve had a rare glimpse beneath the strong, silent surface we’ll continue with yet another dose of snowporn. This time courteousy of the kids at Green Renaissance. All I Can premiers this Friday at our very own Labia (that sounds terrible, but it’s staying) Cinema in Cape Town.

all i can world premier

Filmed in Chile, British Columbia, Alberta, Morocco, China and Alaska this mountain adventure film looks like it’ll be a firetrucking treat, with an environmental maverick thumbs up. Nice.

Tickets available from web tickets, beers and good times start at 19h00, show kicks off at 20h30.


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~ by bowlphilosophy on September 19, 2011.

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