Best of 2011 Snowboarding Videos

The Janitor dropped this Friday stoke injection into the bowl today.

There’s been a slew of absolute quality released in 2011, topping my list would be Jeremy Jones’ “Deeper”, Absinthe’s “Nowhere” and Four Square/Special Blend/Forum Snowboards “F’ It” – Some of which hasn’t made it into this “Best of 2011 Snowboarding Videos” but hey it’s all subjective, right?


We tacked a post up for the trailer of F’it but this film seems to have slipped under many radars. It’s a firetrucking great production, killer soundtrack and persistent disregard for safety, ethics and etiquette results in some true magnificence.

Snowboard Videos 2011

Here’s John Jackson’s part, it’s awesome.

told you!

Happy Friday kids


~ by bowlphilosophy on February 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Best of 2011 Snowboarding Videos”

  1. I want this movie

  2. It’s brilliant Matt, don’t own a copy, just sat gape-jawed and watched. It needs a revisit, let’s see who’s got a copy and I’ll swing it your way.

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