Icons: Chuck Patterson Skiing Jaws

Yes, you read right, Chuck Patterson skis Jaws, one of the most powerful waves on the planet on skis. Theres a fine line between brave and stupid, Chuck Patterson past this ideology on his way to pre-school one day and that was probably the last time he consider the concept of fear.

chuck patterson skiing jaws

A professional free skier, tow surfer, SUPer, Surfer, Kite Boarder and Snowboarder, Chuck’s pretty much the ducks nuts of riding water based terrain. I was trying to explain this to Jan and the Renaissance Kid on friday night, but I was fighting through a thick-tongued haze of Grey Goose and as I stumbled and fell over references, crashed into facts and forgot the point, I made a note in some sort of hieroglyphics to send them the clip, so here it is, Chuck Patterson in January of 2011 hit some monster swell in Maui with his skis, and poles, to give Jaws a flex:

On a side note, the Black Ram on Kloofnek is consistently attracting smoking hot babes, which is nice.


~ by bowlphilosophy on February 14, 2011.

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