Kilian Martin – A skate regeneration

A couple of weeks ago I took out the ol’ faithful for a casual skate-around in some deserted car park. It had been a while since I had whipped out my moves but after a few minutes of sketchiness, I was starting to express myself with some killer combos. I remember thinking “Sheesh, I should get someone to record this SHITake!”

A classic example of my awesomeness would be: tic tac to straight to ollie to recover to straight. I even managed a slight nose manual, probably 3 to 5 seconds at least. Man it felt good to be dominating once again.

I was then sent this fried piece of skating gold …

Thoughts of ‘skating for a living’ put on hold. Phone calls to DVS shoes cut short. Thanks for killing a dream buddy.

FiretrUCK me, this guy is unreal. Although, may I say I did not see one bit of tic tac action. I guess everyone has their limitations. Still, Maverick thumbs up for the effort Kilian.


~ by bowlphilosophy on January 18, 2011.

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