Top 5 Pet Hates

Following on from EVDB’s post yesterday “I am at the dentist right now, but it’s not one of my top five pet hates. Paying the dentist is though.”

Pet Hates

We’re collecting the rants to publish on Bowl Philosophy, so what are your top 5 pet hates?

Highlights of upside down smile inducing moments include:

  • Cyclists
  • Not getting enough ginger with my sushi and having to ration it
  • Ruining my stuff in the washing machine
  • Waking up feeling remarkably fine after a big night and then realising after i get to the office that that was only because i was still drunk and it’s wearing off
  • Cyclists
  • Coins falling out of jean pockets and jeans falling off the clothes horse and no.1 is deft when the jeans fall off the clothes horse in the middle of the night AND all the coins fall out
  • Surfers that take themselves very seriously in the water and models in general.
  • Cyclists
  • Salads that look really exciting but turn out to be just a mass of iceberg lettuce with a deceptive garnish
  • Twats who describe everything as epic
  • Traffic cops

Yours? Hit the comments!

~ by bowlphilosophy on December 3, 2010.

17 Responses to “Top 5 Pet Hates”

  1. Top 5 pet hates:

    Bad drivers

    People who litter




  2. 1. slow drivers in the fast lane
    2. taxis!!
    3. rude restaurant staff
    4. bullshitters
    5. ads in mags for clothes & shoes I cannot afford

  3. Everything is not epic, especially sunsets.

  4. 1) Bad breath, especially the kind that smells like carcass
    2) Idiots… if you’re not sure you probably are one
    3) Soap operas and bad weed, either on their own i can tolerate, but together…no spank you
    4) Band wagon riders, if you have no perception of taste go for a swim with a concrete life jacket, or lock yourself away from the world
    5) Fat sweaty traffic cops that can’t crouch down to check your bike license

  5. Tasers x 5

  6. Ha haaa Willard, you are going to get so firetrucking Tasered on the 11th, let your beard write a cheque your central nervous system couldn’t cash… video will be uploaded on Bowl Philosophy, fo sho!

  7. 1. Secret santa’s when your gift is epically better than the one you receive (just happened to me)
    2. Huge potholes covered by an epic rainfall
    3. Cyclists (especially round the time of the Cape Epic)
    4. slow drivers in the fast lane that EVENTUALLY move over after you’ve had to slow down behind them – and then when you pass, you take ages because it’s up a hill, and your 1300 doesnt handle hills and 5th gear, so you look like a prat when you take 5 minutes to actually pass them. Epic face f*ck
    5. That Klipdrift advert with the mens choir. met ys…jou poes. Epic.

  8. 5 things that really grind my gears are:

    – people who think it’s ok to pick their nose in public.

    – people who talk about their kids constantly.

    – being crop-dusted.

    – any Brit-pop band formed after 2003 beginning with the word ‘the’.

    – men who think that tan leather slip on shoes is a good look.

  9. – unloadn the dishwasher
    – my birds mother
    – herpes
    – my birds friends
    – the douch who broke into my ride and stole my shades. douche.

  10. .people who drive underpowered cars up your ass in the fast lane only to take 5 minutes to overtake when u give them a chance

    .people who under-rate the word epic

    .English aka pommy rugby commentary

    .kevin pieterson

    .the Slags in my office

  11. 1) When your chick forgets to tell you something, then busts out “we really need to communicate more” !
    2) Fat people of all denominations – i mean seriously people..5 a day does not mean MacD’s, BKing, Sub, The hut and KFC !
    3) When people issue their load above the flush-line of the toilet bowl – how is this even possible ?
    4) Bon Jovi
    5) Spelling of “your” and “you’re” – quick lesson – “Your musk smells rancid”; “You’re a rancid smelling f**ktard”

  12. Cartman and Butters get in on the pet hates

  13. 1) ugly people
    2) nerds
    3) not having enough gel in my hair
    4) not being able to gym it everyday
    5) bad clothes

  14. (1) people who hate homoeopathy (mostly because their clueless MD tells them to)
    (2) people who scam free trips on transit
    (3) people who walk out in the street other than at zebra or similar crossings
    (4) people who insist on discussing dopey telly like Idol
    (5) people who wish I had just gone to work at the same factory at which my father worked (it’s gone now), or at Woolworths (they’re gone, too)

  15. 1. Lindsay Lohan.
    2. Twats you describe everything as epic.
    3. People having a conversation in a doorway that’s used frequently by their colleagues.
    4. Colleagues who bring their boyfriends/girlfriends/fiance’s to work and make out in front of everyone.
    5. People who sigh frequently.

  16. correction on no 2. – twats WHO describe everything as epic

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