Icons: Danny MacAskill

Danny Macaskill Way back home

Scottish street trials pro rider Danny MacAskill follows up his sublime 2009 street trials video with this journey from Edinburgh to his childhood home of Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, titled “Way Back Home.”

“Once you learn something, you don’t need the guards,” he says. “I’ve smashed eight helmets and they were potentially lethal crashes. There’s not that much up there, but it is still worth keeping it intact.

Danny Macaskill

If you missed the 2009 Inspired Bicycles video, you’re not one of the 21 million viewers who looked at their bikes in a whole new light, and subsequently put themselves in traction, get that perspective here:

Macaskill found himself catapulted to fame after this video went viral, drawing 12 million viewers in it’s first week, the phone rang off the hook with offers from American talk shows to Korean Circuses, who’d obviously grown tired of the Iron Lotus performed by Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy.

Danny Megaskill, aka Taggart, rides for Inspired Bicycles, probably not the worst advertisement for the brand.

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