Andre Nel is the new Tiger Woods

Yesterday it was revealed by the Times that Andre Nel, former Proteas fast (mostly medium paced) bowler had been having an affair with 34-year-old Londoner Jelena Kultiasova.

When approached for comment Nel seemed honestly shocked and denied any wrongdoing.

“This story is quite invalid. We spent time together as friends – well, so I thought – this is not true,” he said. “We did all these things as friends, so I thought at the time that it was just a friendship.”

Unfortunately Nel had not banked on Jelena sending  incriminating pictures to the press and when informed of this little titbit of information admitted to some wrongdoing, sort of…

“Okay, no, we were friends with benefits: we kissed, nothing more.”

After a small while (possibly the time is takes to remember that one night when taking pictures of each other naked, seemed like a good idea) Nel came clean.

“Yes, we did have sex twice, or three times, possibly – and that’s it, honestly.”

Twice or three times? It’s like Nel thinks that as long as the number of times you have sex is under 5 it may still be ok.

Unfortunately it seems like Mr All bark and no bite, has been following the Tiger Woods book of sporting success, as two more women have come forward with details of sexual action adventures.

One of these women, named Juliette had this to say

“The night I met Andre he was out with his cricket friends and I was with mine for a friend’s birthday,”

“Andre grinned at me and I smiled back. We spent the rest of the night together talking, dancing, drinking, cuddling and then we kissed…”

Ahh the Nel grin, possibly the same one he used so many times on the field. Infectious and so hard to resist.

It seems that Nel is into the odd bit of nude photography as Juliette is in possession of more quality Nel snaps. In one he apparently has his most private of parts exposed and in another he is licking her thigh. Not leaving evidence…FAIL.

Nel has been married to his wife, Deanne for 6 years.

Poor form Andre. Maverick thumbs down.

~ by bowlphilosophy on October 1, 2010.

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