Working from Home

For many the idea of working from home seems like the perfect solution to the bump, grind, stress and strain of office life, no commutes or defined hours and no bosses barking retarded orders that make you feel like sticking two pencils up your nose and headbutting a desk. While much of this is true, and you can, for example, wander off to a park a 10am on a Wednesday morning, get drunk and roll around without a care in the world, there is also a darker side to working from home. The side which makes you feel like one of the hobbits that never left the Shire, hunkering down in your burrow while your mates were wandering off to Mordor, doing mad-crazy-adventure stuff.

The Oatmeal succinctly illustrates why working from home is both awesome and horrible:

working from home is awesome and horribleWorking from home is awesome Working from home

Working from home no commuteWorking from home fewer interuptionsWorking from home is awesomeWorking from home rocksworking from home sucksworking from home lonelyworking from home distractionsworking from home relationshipsworking from home scheduleworking from home office banter[Thanks Longshanks]

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~ by bowlphilosophy on August 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Working from Home”

  1. lol at the American football description.

  2. Thats it, I am quiting my job right now!!

  3. i work from home and this is SPOT ON!

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