Justin Bieber hit with water bottle

Last December Justin Bieber was hit in the head with a water bottle while on stage at a concert in Sacramento. Not sure why this clip took so long to rear it’s hilarious head but I am glad that it finally did.

I am not a fan of this young whippersnapper but I thought he handled it reasonably well, especially considering how his hair mostly covers his eyes, thus dramatically reducing his reaction time.

Sometimes you have to let artists know how you feel about their music even if it is just a small gripe like “You could have done better with your last album, Justin” or “I thought the song ‘Baby’ was sung by a girl and was a lesbian tribute but now I see that it is sung by you …” and what better way than an accurate water bottle throw to the head.

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~ by bowlphilosophy on August 11, 2010.

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