The South African Blog Awards 2010

Bowl Philosophy Blog Awards

The 2010 South African Blog Awards are here and we’ve been caught with our pants down, again! This always happens, you take your pants off and then something noteworthy takes place… (or doesn’t, but that’s an entirely different can of worms to this one)

Bowl Philosophy’s only been around for 3 months so we’re probably punching way above our weight category, in fact we’re just punching randomly in all directions. I’ve always fought that way, and while I’ve yet to win a fight I’m confident my ‘way of the monkey’ fighting style offers a seamless blend of blind fury, a watertight defense and critical attack.

Anyway, we thought we’d throw our chips in and see if anyone at the table calls our bluff.

Now while our posts haven’t always provided the most succinct advice I think we’ve learnt a little bit more about topics like:

Saints and Sinners – Kate Beckinsale
Missing: Missy the Cat…

Liquid Mountaineering – Can You Walk on Water

Wimbledon’s hottest women players

What women Want from the 2010 SWC…
Super 14 Cheerleaders of the year
Super 14 Previews and Predictions – Semi-Final
New Old Spice..smell like a man, man

White Stoke…F’It, Lets Go Snowboarding

Make Mine A Triple

Richie Jackson – Cerebral Kickflip

World Cup Semi Final Prediction – Germany vs Spain

Machete… don’t FiretrUCK with the wrong Mexican
A Troubled Ride – Dennis Hopper

While it’s true the we ultimately seek the thumbs up from man, these awards give us a chance to get a pat on the back for the blood, sweat and beers we’ve poured into this blog.

Thumbs Up for Bowl Philosophy

So if you’ve enjoyed our posts, rants, observations and diction over the last few months, please nominate us for the SA 2010 Blog Awards. Initially we thought about entering the ‘Best Indigenous Language Blog’ and ‘Best Parenting Blog’ but on sober inspection we’re probably closer aligned to these categories:

  • Best New Blog
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Sports Blog

Clicking the image below will whisk you to the SA Blog Awards website where you can nominate your favorite blogs.

nominate this blog

Keep on Firetrucking!

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~ by bowlphilosophy on August 4, 2010.

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