ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Mascot

I know many have been asking when this event was going to happen and I too have been waiting patiently but now, with the ICC Cricket World Cup just over 6 months away, the official mascot has been named, finally!

His name is ‘Stumpy’. He is an elephant.

That’s right, Stumpy the elephant.

Strange choice this, although elephants are majestic and powerful animals, I would not have immediately associated one with cricket.

Maybe Arjuna Ranatunga was the inspiration behind the mascot? Ranatunga was the Sri-Lankan captain when they won the 1996 World Cup and was famous for his great batting ability and his liberal use of a runner.

Not being the leanest (fittest) cricketer to ever grace the cricket field, he was strangely (obviously) prone to various injuries, once claiming that he had “sprained something” in a game against Australia.

Ian Healy, the Australian wicket-keeper at the time responded that he could not get a runner for being “an overweight, unfit, fat c*nt”. The Australians once again showing that sledging really is a complicated linguistic art form.

The World Cup is only 200 days away and apparently preparations are on schedule. With matches being  played in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka it promises to be an action packed, all singing all dancing affair.

Can the Proteas shed the ‘chokers’ tag?

Here’s hoping.

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~ by bowlphilosophy on August 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 – Mascot”

  1. The more i look at the mascot the more i like it. I like elephants very much.

  2. World Cup 2011 will be different than World 2007 primarily from the technological perspective. With tools like Facebook, Twitter, PRP Solutions, Youtube not only do we get to share and analyze information but keep track of our important business activities through reminder alerts. What do the others say?

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