Absinthe Films: ‘Now Here’ Trailer

Absinthe Film’s ‘Now Here’ will hit screens in September 2010. The production company’s latest offering follows in the deep snowpack of previous films: Neverland, Ready, Optomistic, More and Future Proof.

Nicolas Muller
Absinthe stands at the forefront of snowboard film production, consistently raising the bar and setting the standard against which other films are judged. Expect locations spanning the globe, a best of the best catalogue of riders, a soundtrack collaborating good times, welcome curveballs and numerous ‘Maverick thumbs up’ moments.

Maverick Thumbs Up

Maverick firetrucking loves good snowboard tricks.

Absinthe will be doing their standard world tour promoting the film, last year they touched down in Fourways, Jo’berg to launch the film, hopefully they’ll be back this year. In any case it looks like another tidy packet of white stoke to make you want to chase the powder…

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~ by bowlphilosophy on July 21, 2010.

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