Holland Eat Uruguay to Reach World Cup Final

A far cry from some of the elaborate theatrics we get subjected to during the 90-odd minutes of play, last night’s leather sandwich served to Demy De Zeeum by Martin Caceres made critics of the beautiful game sit up and take notice and offer some sympathy, if only for a few moments.

Netherlands' de Zeeuw kicked in the face by Uruguay's Caceres

Last night’s game belied its billing as a potentially mediocre Semi-Final. Although on the business end of a nationwide hate campaign, Uruguay are consistently involved in the most entertaining SWC matches. A thrilling 3-2 semi-final with some incredible goals, and a tense climax delivered everything fans want from a semi-final, including the Dutch victory. Africa won’t be shedding any tears at Uruguay’s elimination and subsequent departure from South Africa.

Arjen Robben scores for Holland

Now the clash between Spain and Germany looms, the victor taking on Holland who are fast becoming South Africa’s darlings.

~ by bowlphilosophy on July 7, 2010.

One Response to “Holland Eat Uruguay to Reach World Cup Final”

  1. Both teams were boring. This game was boring. They should kick more soccer players in the face because at least that would be entertaining?

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