World Cup Quarter Final Predictions

After nearly 3 weeks of constant soccer we are down to the last 8 teams, with only 7 more World Cup games left, soon we will see which team is the best of the best, which team deserves a thumbs up from Maverick.

Soon bowl readers, soon we will know who can rightly stand up and say “Our team is Numero Uno, The Big Cheese, El Capitaino, The Big Daddy, Top Gun, The Leader of the pack (vroom vroom), The FiretrUCKing SHITake”. My heart hopes and wishes this team will be Ghana but my money is on Argentina. Great odds and half salary bets aside, we bring to you our quarter-final predictions.

Netherlands vs Brazil – 2nd July 2010

Both of these teams have played entertaining soccer and both have sailed through their games so far with skills aplenty and it is a bit of a shame that they have to face each other now. Brazil have huge support wherever they play and I reckon the atmosphere at this game will be amazing. When you watch maybe try a drinking game where you must have a shot every time the commentator says the words ‘Samba’ or ‘Flair’. Be sure to have a designated driver.

The Dutch have been solid without being too amazing (similar to wooden clogs) and I fear that even with the thousands of Dutch fans travelling the country in support, I reckon Brazil will take this one. Expect Luis Fabiano to continue his fantastic form and the Brazilians to move swiftly to the Semis.

Kick off: 4pm

Venue: Nelson Mandela Stadium, Port Elizabeth

Prediction: Brazil 2 Netherlands 1

Uruguay vs Ghana – 2nd July 2010

Say it with me, “We’re Ghaaana win!!!” The last African side left in the World Cup and regardless of what happens Saturday, an incredible achievement by the Black Stars. Most of South Africa have adopted this team as their own now that Bafana Bafana are out and rightly so. They have had an up and down tournament so far but do have the players who can take them through. Look out for awesomeness from Prince Boateng and Asamoah Gyan, who scored a cracking goal to break American hearts and have given us all hope of an African side in the Semis.

Uruguay have some quality players in Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez and have shown themselves to be incredibly strong in their games so far but I have to go with my heart on this one and hope for some revenge for the 3-0 beating handed out to our boys.

Kick off: 8:30pm

Venue: Soccer City, Johannesburg

Prediction: BaGhana BaGhana 1 Uruguay 0

Argentina vs Germany – 3rd July 2010

Some people seem to dislike Maradonna but you can’t question his passion for the game or for his country and team. Plus he dishes out hugs to all of his players before each game and has two huge diamond earings in his left ear, how can you not love the little man? Argentina have the number one player in the world at the moment, Lionel Messi, in their team and although he hasn’t scored any goals so far, he is a huge presence on attack.

Germany looked incredible in beating Australia but then followed it up with an average game, losing to Serbia. They again looked like world beaters  against a poor England and this young side is going to take some beating. In the last World Cup quarter finals in Germany, Germany came back from a goal down to clinch victory in the penalty shootout. I expect this game to be as close, again possibly ending in a penalty shootout. Paul the Octopus has Germany winning this one but I see Argentina sneaking it at the death to make amends for 4 years ago and Paul ending up simering away in some lemon and cream sauce.

Kick off: 4pm

Venue: Cape Town Stadium, Cape Town

Prediction: Argentina 1 Germany 1 (Argentina to win the penalty shootout)

Paraguay vs Spain – 3rd July 2010

Spain started the World Cup slowly but have looked better and better with each game thereafter. Fernando Torres is their main star but still looks a bit off his game. David Villa however has been in fine form this tournament, scoring a fantastic goal against Portugal. Their ball retention is über impressive and they control the game fantastically well. They went into this World Cup as one of the favourites and have not disappointed so far.

Paraguay have only conceded one goal in the tournament but have not scored very many either. After getting into the quarters by beating Japan in a penalty shootout after a rather dull game, I reckon this may be the end of the road for the South Americans. Expect the Spanish to control this game from start to finish and cruise through into the Semis.

Kick off: 8:30pm

Venue: Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Prediction: Paraguay 0 Spain 2

~ by bowlphilosophy on July 2, 2010.

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  1. If Maverick gives you the thumbs up, you know you’ve arrived.

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