Megan Fox got married – men around the world mourn

Megan Fox apparently got married last week to Brian Austin Green.

What is strange as she never said yes to any of my proposals, even though I offered her my heart and range of Transformers toys, some in full working order.

I too wondered who this Brain Austin Green guy was but then I found out he is one of the douche bags from Beverly Hills 90210. Apparently Megan likes guys with full heads of hair. Sigh.

Come on Megan, really?

The couple decided on a super secretive wedding and more security was called in for the ceremony held at the Four Seasons Hualalai, in Hawaii, than have been used for the entire Soccer World Cup. Well done Brian, you win this one.

Megan Fox first made her way into our hearts and fantasies in Transformers. She played a super hot teen who knew how to fix cars, liked guys who played with robots and did not mind getting dirty. Quality.

Megan has since starred in the sequel ‘Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen’ and was the lead character in ‘Jennifer’s Body’. A dark comedy written by Diablo Cody about a possessed teenager who kills her male classmates, all in all, good fun the whole family can enjoy.

In the movie she makes out with Amanda Seyfreid (the all singing, all dancing girl from Mama Mia)… enough said.

Megan has since been dropped from the 3rd Transformers movie, with Rosie Huntington Whitely replacing her (for more on Rosie, check out our Saints and Sinners post).

Fear not though as we will soon be seeing her in ‘Jonah Hex’ and of course look out for her in every single ‘Top Hottest Women in the World’ list, she is on them all.

Armani recently had a massive brain wave and used Megan to advertise their lingerie range. Slow clap guys, well done. They of course then went and photo shopped out all of her many tattoos, which I personally didn’t mind, but there is something about the untainted version that is pretty appealing.

So congratulations Megan and that guy you have now married. Let’s hope one day you see the error of your ways and take me up on my proposal or at least remove the restraining order.

~ by bowlphilosophy on June 30, 2010.

4 Responses to “Megan Fox got married – men around the world mourn”

  1. Megan Fox once saved an entire village from a flood, simply by flirting with the water and getting it to stop flowing. True Story

  2. […] now, should’ve got it up sooner, but I’ve spent the better part of the week begging Megan Fox to reconsider her marriage to BAG. Anyhow, for anyone who’s living in a cave or using a […]

  3. dig the new bowl philosophy logo = sweet
    If you guys had some slow motion clips of megan running…now that would make for a good read.

  4. I give that marriage about 5 minutes. How did that snapperhead land Megan Fox, and why is she taking herself off the market so soon…oh, yes, i forgot, she’s in love with him.

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