Dutch fans push the envelope…

hot dutch fans

The Dutch are taking Gees to the next level as they follow their team around the country celebrating all things orange. Oranges included.

Dutch SWC Supporters

Led by a double-decker bus the Dutch Supporters blazed an orange trail from Pretoria to Durban and now they’ve arrived in the Mother City. Unfortunately the bus is not as big on torque as it is on gees. Hours later, they did make it up this hill though, mostly to cheers from the fans and hooting from cars that had been stuck behind it since Pretoria.

Dutch SWC Supporters

Dutch SWC Supporters

The Dutch sure do love their large convoys and this one is no different, comprising of 175 campers, trucks, buses and jeeps, stretching out to about 6kms in length.

Dutch SWC Supporters

Some of the fans, having a bit of time on their hands, have decided that the best way to get to the World Cup is to take the scenic route and drive, from Holland, a sort of reverse Great Trek tribute.

Dutch SWC Supporters

Dutch SWC Supporters

Dutch SWC Supporters

and lets not forget the girls that pissed FIFA off, and in so doing danced their way into South African hearts.

Dutch SWC Supporters

Word is the Dutch crew have been in Cape Town’s Fan Park since 11 am this morning in anticipation of tonight’s game. Massive respect you crazy bastards… you deserve the trophy on Gees alone.

~ by bowlphilosophy on June 24, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dutch fans push the envelope…”

  1. please could you be sure to post smaller pictures on your “web site” so that we are completely unable to discern any details within them at all.

    also my great uncle was once tried at the hague, which makes me basically dutch.

  2. Apparently chronic masturbation makes you blind

  3. Love the pics guys, talk about “representing” your country.

  4. Hilarious! I love it that FIFA got pissed off with the girls for supporting a ‘non-FIFA-brand-of-beer’!! They’re the devil I say!

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  6. […] without being too amazing (similar to wooden clogs) and I fear that even with the thousands of Dutch fans travelling the country in support, I reckon Brazil will take this one. Expect Luis Fabiano to […]

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