Wimbledon’s hottest women players.

A bit over the soccer? Why not take a break from it all with the greatest tennis event of them all, Wimbledon

Strawberries and cream. Cheering fans, champagne, rain, talk of how this year someone from the UK may finally win, rain. Not to mention the tennis. In celebration of this fantastic event, we at the Bowl have decided to honour some of the finest female athletes to ever grace the All England Club.

What is it about women tennis players? Is it the moaning? Is it the shortest of short dresses? Is it the fact that they seem to love sticking balls in their underwear? I am not sure but these ladies are super skilful and super fit, not to mention flexible…

Just so that you recognise these girls when they play, the pictures are of them in their tennis outfits.

So for your viewing pleasure and in no particular order, we present some of the most beautiful women in tennis.

Daniela Hantuchova from Slovakia. Ranked 24th this year at Wimbledon. Notice how she keeps her eyes on the ball while at the same time still seems to be looking at you.

Victoria Azarenka from Belarus (rank 14). Apparently she loves air. Also, long walks on the beach and guys who can play tennis for 5 hours and still have time to take her out for a nice seafood dinner.

* Thank you Taz for bringing to my attention that I had posted another picture of Daniela, instead of Victoria. When Victoria found out she was not pleased in fact this is her reaction below…

Maria Kirilenko from Russia (rank 27). Maria is keen on developing the behind the back method of playing tennis, while flashing her winner smile. Keep at it Maria, you have our support.

Maria Sharapova another Russian (rank 16) and another Maria but this one perhaps one of the most famous tennis players in the world, not specifically because of her tennis though. She has a big following and is climbing her way back up the rankings after a string of injuries. As yet my offers to be her massage therapist have gone unanswered.

Caroline Wozniacki from Denmark (rank 3). This 20-year-old is fast becoming the next big thing in women’s tennis, according to at least one website. Yes, it was her official website.

Elena Dementieva, another one from Russia. She is not playing at Wimbledon this year due to a torn calf muscle. Sigh. Skills like chesting balls for hours on end will be sorely missed. Also, shortest of short shorts alert.

Jelen Dokic, originally from Serbia and Montenegro but now playing for Australia. Here demonstrating the underwear ball storage technique. Unfortunately, she did not qualify for Wimbledon this year. Sad times indeed.

Ana Ivanovic from Serbia. (unseeded). Not in the greatest form this year  but this former Australian Open champion is not going to let being unseeded stop her. I would seed her and no mistake.

Finally, I would like to pay special tribute to Gabriela Sabatini and Steffi Graff. Quality players, stunning women and great ambassadors for the game. Ladies we salute you.

I know the rest of the pics are of the tennis players in tennis outfits but when I came across this picture, I felt I had to put it up. I felt I owed it to the world. Aggassi you are one lucky man.

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~ by bowlphilosophy on June 22, 2010.

15 Responses to “Wimbledon’s hottest women players.”

  1. Steffi’s legs could crush you like a Soviet tank driving over a Georgian peasant boy.

  2. I once saw some paramedics use Steffi Graff’s legs as the jaws of life. She saved a family of four that day.

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  4. Daniela is still looking at me, stop it Daniela, I need to work!

  5. Just thought you should know that you have a photo of Daniela Hantuchova where you should have a picture of Victoria Aarenka. Not that I’m complaining about an extra photo of my beautiful Daniela, but I think Victoria might feel a bit put out that you don’t even recognise her…

  6. She won two singles titles that year, as well as her first (and only) tour doubles title (in Rome partnering Monica Seles). Women’S Shorts

  7. “Shortest of short shorts alert!” hee hee.. love the blog guys – keep up the good work :)

  8. hmmm.the girl are very pretty. I think all women tennis player are sexy. I am very interested in your post and also a big fan of Tennis too. This is my first visit on your website. I hope that my introductory greetings to you receive. greeting

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  13. i want to take off steffi’s panties and lick her ass and pussy

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