David Thorne Strikes Again, Blames Boredom.

The internet personality who brought us the side-splitting email exchanges, attempting to settle an account by drawing a seven-legged spider, has exploited facebook’s security chasm to create a storm in a tea cup, which thanks to the internet’s capacity for viral content, exploded into a logistical nightmare.

David Thorne
David Thorne, bored on a long-weekend, decided to set up a facebook profile for ‘Kate’ and proceed to invite her friends to her party, seemly leaving her profile as public instead of private. Thorne then fired off a tweet to his 27, 000 followers pretending to have stumbled across the event: cue viral capacity for mayhem.

David Thorne Twitter
The RSVP list escalated to 10,000 in no time. ‘Kate’s’ cyber horror, expressed on her facebook page served to only fuel the enthusiasm, the attendee list swelled to 60,000 people, and the event was ultimately shut down when a hoard of 170,000 Aussie party animals had confirmed their attendance. By this stage Kate’s party existed in a space that doesn’t bow to regulations. 500 spin-off facebook groups took collective hold of the reigns, determined to see Kate’s party tear the social fabric of Adelaide a new hole. Groups like “Which turban should I wear to Kate’s”, “I hope there’s more than one toilet in Kate’s apartment”, “Flight QF785 to Kate’s Party”, and “That awkward moment when someone wasn’t actually invited to Kate’s party.” Marketers keen on capitalising on the latent havoc printed T-shirts: “I went to Kate’s Party”, and the frank “I took a Dump at Kate’s Party.”

Kate's Party Facebook Hoax

The hoax was revealed to the hundred of thousands of potential attendees before the May 1st event, and the residents of the apartment complex in downtown Adelaide, suggested as the venue breathed a massive sigh of relief.
Here’s Ten News’s report on the prank

Brilliance, the brainchild of the idle mind?

David Thorne’s 27bslash6 website.

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~ by bowlphilosophy on June 15, 2010.

2 Responses to “David Thorne Strikes Again, Blames Boredom.”

  1. Awesome! I love it when people take the piss out of the masses!

  2. […] or using a dial-up connection, here’s David Thorne’s next installment following ‘Kate’s Party’ that went viral and caused a small crisis in Adelaide.  ‘Missing: Missy the Cat’ is […]

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