FIFA 2010 World Cup Preview Group D

What a weekend it’s been, and it’s not over yet. I can see myself unemployed thanks to trying to keep up with this world cup. A full report on Friday and Saturday’s games to follow this, but right now we’re having a quick look at Group D

Group D:  Germany Australia Serbia Ghana

Hot German Football Fans

What we think will happen

This is a far tougher group than first glances suggest. Germany have lost their inspirational skipper Michael Ballack, and the Ghanaians are without their talisman Michael Essien, seems the Stamford Bridge curse sidelines anyone with the name Michael, or even a homophone of the name, the Nigerian John Mikel Obi is missing the World Cup too. If you have any association with a name sounding like Michael do not sign for Chelsea, in fact just don’t sign for Chelsea period, its safer and you’ll have more friends as a result.

Hot German Football Fan

Australia is a little unpredictable but probably fancy their chances of making the knockout phase as they did in 2006.  Their first game is against the mighty German machine and will give us a good indication of what we can expect from the Socceroos during the tournament.  Come through this game with a point and that’s a massive step taken towards qualification. Germany is not in the habit of doing lesser teams any favours, and we expect the Germans to punish their three rivals in this pool and qualify top.

Second spot will be interesting, all 3 can take it but one feels that Essien’s absence has stripped the Ghanaians of 3 of their best players. Australia with their inbred BMT, yes the BMT is a direct result of inbreeding, can take points off Ghana and the Serbs. Serbia has been prematurely labeled a dark horse, largely because no one knows what to expect from them, and this tag covers all bases. This is their first world cup as a single nation and their porous form from recent World Cups has been bolstered by the likes of Nemanja Vidic and Branislav Ivanovic.


Socceroos kindling some BMT

Ghana have an incredibly young and talented side, unpredictable and probably more worthy of the dark horse tag, their performance should prove interesting, they’ve lost Essien, but the removal of such a key pivot might induce greater team cohesion amongst the Ghanaians, this might be passion over sense talking as I’m desperate for a notable African presence going in to the next round. I really hope they pull it off. This group could go down to goal difference, which is where Essien’s absence might be most acutely felt.

Ghana Black Stars Fan


Germany to top this Group, Ghana to steal second.

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