FIFA 2010 World Cup Preview Group B

South Africa is going off its collective face at the moment. Yesterday the Cape Town City Bowl gave a solid blast on their Vuvuzelas, but I’m afraid we paled in comparison to the riot of colour and sound pumping out of Jo’burg and Sandton. Amazing scenes of conviviality, and the tournament is yet to begin. A few months ago I think most of the country thought Bafana would give it a good effort, but fail to deliver on the nation’s hopes, however the collective gees unifying South Africa is utterly contagious. With so much belief behind our team anything is possible… I think we can dare to dream.

vuvuzelas celebration in Sandton
Anyhow, there is apparently more to the 2010 SWC than Group A, so without further adieu, let’s look at Group B.

Group B: Argentina, Greece, South Korea, Nigeria.

Argentina take on African opponents in the first round, hoping for a different result to that of Italia ’90 when Cameroon caused on of the biggest upsets of recent world cups, serving Argentina a surprising 1-0 defeat. Argentina have come into this world Cup with a terrible qualifying record, but they are here and a formiddable side if they click. Boasting a competent midfield and furious strike force in the likes of FIFA World Player of the Year Messi, Di María, Tévez, and Verón. How Maradona conducts this side in the World Cup cauldron remains to be seen, he’s as likely to inspire them as he is to torpedo his sides chances, hence the great odds you can pick up on Argentina lifting the trophy. They should top Group B.

Lionel Messi Argentina vs France

Africa will be hoping that Nigeria can shake of some pretty average performances from the Africa Cup of Nations and get back to the glory days of Jay Jay and Amokachi.  In their way is South Korea, who are probably not the force they were at home, but still a well disciplined team, and Greece. The European champions of 2004, but relatively inexperienced at the FIFA World Cup, having only qualified once and then not managing to find the back of the net.

Nigeria Obafemi Martins

It should come down to Korea and Nigeria, and on current form it looks like the Kia/Hyundai team will progress having not lost to the Super Eagles in their 2 games to date.

What we’d like to see happen:

Argentina top the group so their female fans spend more time in South Africa, oh and we get to watch Messi mesmerize. Diego Maradona earns some kudos as a coach instead of a vacuum cleaner and our fellow Africans, Cameroon, find their form and follow Argentina into the next round.

Argentina Fans Football Babes

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