When Engineers Own Dogs

My recent stint of house sitting involves providing constant entertainment for a 12 month old pug, Misty, whose obsession with tennis balls and socks necessitate round the clock attention.

Part of Misty’s care prohibits the utterance of certain words, as to Misty these words are an unbreakable promise. If you want to see a dog go into instant depression served with a dose of confusion, try uttering one of the following words and not delivering on it.

‘Bath’ which causes the bundle of pug to race upstairs and plant itself expectantly in the bathtub.

‘Apple’ which triggers some pug synapse misfire as her mind can’t handle the delight this particular food source delivers,

‘Marsh Mellow,’ a favorite but prohibited as Misty digestive system backfires, literally, if she ingests this pure sugar treat… hysterical watching her eat it though. Think chewing gum meets peanut butter.

‘Biscuit.’ Misty loves biscuits. Absolutely, unconditionally loves biscuits!

Dog’s don’t need much to be happy, simple affection and a game of fetch and you’ve more or less give the your pooch ‘another perfect day’, here’s some ingenuity to keep your dog having more perfect days, even when you can’t be there… this little guy rocks:

~ by bowlphilosophy on June 9, 2010.

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