FIFA 2010 World Cup Preview Group C

I just watched the beginning of the 2010 FIFA Kick-Off concert and after hearing Jacob Zuma’s opening speach, I was so filled with emotion and proud to be South African, I actually shed a tear. If you are not yet excited about this World Cup, you are probably dead.

Hugh Masekela kick-started the proceedings with the sweet trumpeting of the Gods followed by the Black Eyed Peas. They were not bad, Fergie actually looked pretty hot and even the weird looking pale guy seemed to add to one of the songs. Later, Shakira finished off the concert and may I say, she looked FiretrUCKing sexy. A quality act, great dancing, superb navel and crazy body movements that made the audience sit up and say ‘yessss’.

Shakira, we salute you,  thank-you for increasing the collective geeeeees.

Now onto the preview…

Group C: England, USA, Slovenia, Algeria

The first game between the USA and England is a much anticipated affair as many people reckon this is England’s year due to the fact they are in the group of life (a phrase I just coined now, boom, magic just happened!). I see England waltzing through their group as this is not the stage where they fail, that will possibly happen but not until the knock out phase. Look out for Wayne Rooney to score many goals with his ability to jump straight over defenders in a single bound.

Mr Capello is an outstanding manager and he will see off the challenge of the USA, Algerians and Slovenians without too much hassle. Wait for the knock out phase when something will happen that will be completely out of Mr Capello’s control and break English hearts once again, even those with an Italian centre.

As for the other teams. USA are getting better and better with the passing years and I fully expect them to beat a poor Algerian team and feel that their experience will carry them through the tie against Slovenia. Not many people know this but Tina Turner actually dedicated “Holding out for a hero” to the team as they flew out. Touching stuff.

Slovenia seem to have a grudge against England (who doesn’t?) which could give us some flash points in the game but I think this will be a trip for a young country’s team to build future success on. As for England’s soccer hooligans, please keep a look out, especially for ones with lines flying out of their heads, kicking bumpers.

Algeria, ousted Egypt in the qualifiers, how I am still not sure  but I guess this means they have the potential to knock over more fancied oponents. At the Africa Cup of Nations they were abysmal and robbed the world cup of Africa’s best team by some distance. However, that is the wonderful world of qualifiers and who knows, maybe they can recapture the form that got them to South Africa.

Prediction: England to top this group, USA second.

Don’t agree? Send us your thoughts.

~ by bowlphilosophy on June 3, 2010.

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  1. Navel, navel, navel, navel :)

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