Saints and Sinners – Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

Esquires sexiest women of 2009, an unfathomably hot lady with a penchant for onscreen violence and skin-tight leather outfits. Definitely sitting on the sinners side of the fence, a side I’d happily chain myself to if it meant spending time with this vamp.

Kate Beckinsale Sexiest Woman Alive

Kate’s major break came in 2001 in the abysmal Pearl Harbour, starring opposite that bag of spanners Ben Affected. She single-handedly saved the film from complete ruin, had it nominated for a sound production Oscar and grossed the producers over 400 million cash sandwiches.

Kate Beckinsale

To be honest I haven’t seen many of Kate’s films, I did see her portrayal of a vampire in Underworld and as a vampire-hunter in Van Helsing. I actually have no idea what either film involved other than she redefined leather, corsets, and made me want to sleep with a vampire. As vampires are technically dead, or undead, this raises a host of uncomfortable questions I’d rather not have to explore. I do know that her screen presence once again redeemed both films from certain financial meltdown.

Kate Beckinsale

So if you’ve got an average script, a questionable story line, a dextrous leather designer, some decent violent scenes and want to make a block buster, think no further than this lovely lady… don’t believe me? Have a look at this:

That just happen. Happy Wednesday Kids!

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  1. In the words of Will I Am – “O M G”

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