The Assembly, Jack Parow, Cocoon and DJ Dinky

If this past weekend’s carnage is anything to go by, the football world cup is probably going to systematically destroy most of the people I know. The influx of tourists is definitely on the up, Friday’s foray into the Waiting Room revealed an almost wall to wall plastering foreigners, and a comforting number of European girls making out with each other.

Jack Parow at The AssemblyJack Parow at The Assembly

Saturday saw the Super 14 final played at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, it looked like an incredible occasion, an all South African final in our most prominent township. I think the circumstances turned the volume up to 11 and the infectious celebrations, even in the face of a defeat for the Stormers, had dudes funneling vodka redbulls out of vuvuzelas at Rafiki’s. Unsurprising then that the body count by 9pm was significant, and the proposed posse heading to the Assembly to see Jack Parow had shrunk considerably. Still, the queue stretching around the block promised a full house.

Jack Parow at The AssemblyThe Assembly is probably the best live music venue in Cape Town, certainly that I’ve been to. Custom built to keep the punters doused in their favorite loud mouth soup while keeping the vibe intimate and the stage easily visible. They’ve recently added a new LED wall to the stage that adds some colorful visuals to the wall of sound. I actually missed the backing acts for Jack Parow, too busy shooting the breeze in the bar, but made my way through moments prior to his entrance. Never having seen Jack Parow perform before I wasn’t at all prepared for the energy this guy brings to a stage. He’s fantastic, really threw himself into his set, nailed several ricky-louw’s and coke and delivered a polished, high caliber performance. If he flexes his vocals in your area you’d do well to get your money maker along to the gig. The crowd loved him, and it’s easy to see why. Parow is a driving force behind a new breed of South African music, and an enthralling presence on stage. Brilliant show, double thumbs up. [All photos of Jack Parow courtesy of we-are-awesome]

Cocoon South Africa DinkyCocoon launch their residency on South Africa shores this weekend, presented by Olmeca Dmension and kicking off at The Assembly in Cape Town on Friday night, June 4, and at The Alexander Theatre, Jo’burg on Saturday night, June 5. Cocoon is a massive label, founded by Sven Vath and boasting a considerable force of DJs on their label. Their SA residency sees them hosting 4 events per year in SA. First up is a Chilean DJ, Alejandra Iglesias, more commonly known as Dinky. I picked up her album Anemik early this year, a surprising and magnificent offering from Alejandra. I have no doubt it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you appreciate a fusion of electron whirrs and beeps, blended with acoustic instruments, voice and spikes of tech house you’ll love this album. I expect cocoon to roll out quite a citrus for this event, and even though the people’s favorite Goldfish have the floor on Saturday, I’d put my entrance fee on Dinky blowing your minds with her set on Friday.

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