Torah Bright – Aussie Gold

Our icons are generally inspired by guys and gals that get out there and live their dreams, tear up rule books and in the process give the world a little slice of fried gold inspiration. Got anyone in mind? Fire us an email

Relaying on from the sugar and spice super 14 cheerleader post of yesterday, we’re paying tribute to a lady, Torah Bright, in this week’s Icon feature. Like Richie Jackson from last weeks feature, Torah’s another Australasian, don’t worry we’ll be spinning the globe for next week’s feature.

Torah Bright Roxy
A pro snowboarder from the age of 14, Torah pretty much owns women’s super pipe in snowboarding. A technically sound, intricate first run at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, repeated for her second run, only this time riding switch, seemed to go unnoticed by the judging panel, who were probably day dreaming about what she’d look like in a bikini made out of pizza on Bondi Beach. By the time they’d snapped out of their daze, she was in fifth place.

Torah Bright Half Pipe
Torah followed up her Olympic disappointment by landing X Games gold for the super pipe in 2007, a cabinet full of various super pipe and half pipe medals and another X Games Super Pipe gold in 2009. Vancouver 2010 saw the girl from Down Under deliver Australia’s fourth ever Winter Olympic Gold Medal in her second run, scoring a massive 45 out of 50. Clearly the Italian obsession of dressing people in pizza didn’t travel with the torch to Canada. Still, one can’t help wondering…

Torah Bright’s Gold Medal Run – Vancouver 2010

and for those who can’t be arsed missioning over to youtube here’s an EXPN clip:

Love your stuff, I mean style, Torah….

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