Super 14 Cheerleaders of the year

It has been a great S14 season. Tries aplenty, running rugby, no Kiwi or Aussie teams in the final. Steve Walsh admitting he sucks, Quade Cooper getting arrested. Most, if not all of the Bokke in fine form. What more could you ask for really?

How about some appreciation of the tireless work of the cheerleaders? I think they deserve some recognition. Without these hard-working, talented lovely ladies, our teams surely would not have even made the semis. Ok that part may not be true, if these things were decided on cheerleading, the Lions cheerleaders would have had made quite a few semis (double entendre – check).

How about this for a strange phenomenon, none of the Aussie teams have cheerleaders. Weird (gay).

Especially when they have women who look like this.

It makes no sense. Unless I just can’t find them but I looked, oh man did I look. For at least 10 minutes. Seriously, go to the Aussie S14 team websites… nothing. Actually don’t bother (boring alert).

So, mysteries of the modern world aside, I present to you the S14 cheerleaders of the year.

First up the Kiwi representation.

The Crusaders. Long white socks with super short skirts, always a good option. These girls look well drilled like the team they are cheering, nothing to flash but solid in the set pieces. Apparently Carter hand-picked (dated) each one.

Onto the Highlanders girls. What more can you ask than full splits 7 ft in the air, supported by 3 girls? Word has it these moves (and the outfits) were inspired by Jimmy Cowan out on the town one Friday night.

The Chiefs ladies (like their team) aimed high this season and this move looks skillfully done. The girls at the bottom are really just sitting around though and points lost for the bearded choreographer in the background calling the moves.

Next up the Hurricanes. flying through the air is their forte’ and no mistake. Flair aplenty, not unlike the Canes players. When interviewed the head of the cheerleaders had this to say “aww yeah it’s f**** choice cheering for the Canes. We all f**** love footy”. Well said ma lady.

Onto the last Kiwi cheerleading group, the Blues. Firstly there are more pictures of these girls online which made my search easier, so points given there.

Secondly, these girls really seem to love their jobs and each other. Even going so far as to all wear blonde wigs and apparently wanting to ravish the lucky middle girl. niiice.

Who could forget this now famous ‘cleavage upside down move of justice’. Quality.

Onto the South African teams, starting with the Cheetahs. I was unsure of what I might find looking for pics of these girls, having never been to Bloemfontein myself but I was pleasantly surprised. Not 100% sure of the colours but awesome smiles and hey look,  fishnets!

Onto the Bulls girls. There is definitely something to said for the boots and tiny jeans. Not too sure about the cowboy hats but these girls sure do know how to square dance. Useful, if you ever find yourself trapped in a dance off in middle America.

You can apparently hire these girls out to come dance for you at a company function or before a big event (braai) or if you have the money just to get you excited for that Wednesday morning meeting.

The Stormers girls seem to lack choreography and an identifiable routine ,based on my recent viewing at Newlands. What they lack for in timing, though they certainly make up for in cleavage.

Next up the Lions. These girls are by far the most acrobatic of the lot and well done to them. It can’t be easy being the most skilful home team on the field.

Also this is pretty incredible, how high did they throw this girl? Apparently two tries were scored before this girl came back down to earth.

Lastly, on to the Sharks. Wowzers. Not so big on actual cheerleading activity. More of a stand there and say, “yes world we are this hot, also there is rugby on later”.

It’s not that they don’t have variation. Sometimes they will wear pink…

So there they are. awesome, just awesome.

Everyone has their favourite favourite, so why not vote on our poll for yours?

~ by bowlphilosophy on May 26, 2010.

13 Responses to “Super 14 Cheerleaders of the year”

  1. I love Rugby !!!

  2. I voted for the Sharks but I must say that the picture of the Lions cheerleaders throwing that poor girl into the atmosphere almost changed my mind.

  3. Also you can almost see the flying girl’s vajajay from the side so that is nice.

  4. Lions by a ball hair. The girl being blown out of a cannon and doing the splits 20 metres in the air swung my vote! Cheetahs girls lack enthusiasm.

  5. yep, there you have it…Durban girls are waaaaaay hotter than the rest. I miss Durban…

  6. Is the Sharks girl in pink smuggling something??

  7. The chick in the pink might have located Patrick Lambies lost gum guard!!!!

  8. Dang.. these girls are pretty hot, I hate to say it. The Durbs chicks beat the rest. I like the hard work that went into searching for cheerleading pictures! You must have had a tough time spending your day looking at pictures of half-naked (probably) under-aged girls?! Shame..

  9. Rugby is slowly but firmly becoming an important sport in my country (Guatemala). Been playing it for 5 years now and let me say if this is what we’ll eventually achieve… Uff!!! We better hurry up. I wanna travel to visit the Cheetahs already!! Thanks for the pictures! Would love to have some more for me and to show the guys on the team.

  10. wow ossum

  11. […] week we welcome fellow rugby fans from Guatemala, who found our site through the Super 14  Cheerleaders of the year. Welcome to the trust tree, rugby (cheerleader) fans. […]

  12. the thing about australia having no cheerleaders….they had the idea once, but scrapped it, because they didn’t want cheerleaders to distract from the game – we’re serious about football. lol
    even our gridgirls are boring to me, and i see cheerleader types all over the place in melbourne. maybe our girls just have no interest in being cheerleaders or gridgirls??

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