What the FiretrUCK has happened to SA Cricket?

Swear words and anger. Disbelief and embarrassment. Also later, a fight with the girlfriend over who’s turn it is to wash the dishes. This is what the performance by the Proteas did to supporters on Tuesday night.

Let’s be honest we never actually looked like winning this “world cup” (is it a world cup if it happens every year?). From the very first game we looked flat and dis-interested. Also Smith has obviously abandoned any sort of training/ fitness program and taken on the KFC sponsorship with more gusto. When asked for comment he had this to say “nom nom nom”.

Graeme Smith

Another possible reason Smith has not been in form is this example of style... Wrong sport my man.

Some scribes harped on about how “maybe it’s better for us to start slowly and finish strongly as opposed to all the other previous tournaments”. It turns out this was more of a ‘batting line-up is half in than half out’ kind of thinking. (See what I did there).

In the last ‘must win’ game we needed to chase 149 to win. This is not a mammoth score but did need some aggression from the start. What we had was prodding around for singles and our top 3 all going out cheaply. Apparently Gibbs was pre-occupied with the fact that he had a massage voucher he had to use by the afternoon and Kallis got confused and thought that the game was played over 2 days with 4 innings of 20 overs each.

AB looked to get pumped up and even seemed to curse after hitting a huge six, until he had a brain explosion and tried to hit the ball over his head to be caught out. Nice one AB, you are right the straight six over the bowler is a bit boring. When interviewed he said this “After swearing I realised that I would have to put R10 in the swear jar and didn’t have change on me so was a bit relieved that I went out as I could then get some from Graeme who keeps my money safe in his box”.

Johan Botha came in after Duminy failed again (at least trying to hit a boundary) and actually looked like he wanted to win, scoring at a strike rate of nearly 300 at one stage. He got us closer but was left with too much to do. Albie decided the best way to score 17 off the last over was to get a single off the first ball and Boucher looked like he couldn’t believe the ball was actually ‘spinning’ and then ‘turning’ when it landed!

So what now? What to do? Do we fire everyone and start anew? Do we start watching netball? I hear we have a good team this year.

My solution is not to panic but change the way we see T20 cricket. Let’s rather use it as a feeder system for the upcoming talent in the country. Let’s create a specialist T20 team with a handful of the regular guys. It’s not like we can do much worse.

Let guys like Smith, Boucher and Kallis focus on ODIs and Test matches. Let them rest a bit for some of the year. Although I think let’s put a limit on Smith’s daily chicken in-take. I reckon we take the guys who do well at T20 at provincial level and give them a chance to impress.

Also what is up with our persistence with the Morkel brothers? These guys, talented and tall, are actually pretty average when playing for the Proteas and I fear have no actual grasp of strategy or tactics. Gibbs should really retire and I think would have done some time ago had it not been for the huge amounts of alimony he has to pay monthly.

I would like to give guys like Steyn and AB more senior roles in the team and guys like Botha a chance to excel as captain. Then bring in guys like Loots Bosman, Rilee Russouw, Heino Kuun, David Miller, Colin Ingram and Rusty Theron and give them a proper chance. Worst case scenario we continue to lose but give the newbies some experience, best case scenario these youngens excel and force their way into the ODI and Test teams.

There done, solved. Easy!

~ by bowlphilosophy on May 13, 2010.

4 Responses to “What the FiretrUCK has happened to SA Cricket?”

  1. Nice comment about the dishwashing.. it’s my turn, but you’re more than welcome to wash them yourself! :) awesome blog.. will read the rest later! x

  2. what the hell is this cricket shit i mean i thought this blog was about rugby but now i have to look at pictures of some retarded guy chasing a ball filled with doritos

  3. Great blog – amusing, but with some very valid points. I couldn’t agree more about leaving the senior guys (Boucher, Kallis, Smith etc.) out for some R & R – Prof. Tim Noakes has ben advocating this for years.
    We should also not loose site of the fact that some of these ‘seniors’ are becoming just that – senior citizens when it comes to highly competative sport. They’ll need to be replaced sometime in the not too distant future and will we be prepared??
    I think not.
    But all these factors are really administrative and that’s where the real problems are lurking like an evil cancerous growth.

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