Is Mamma Africa taking the piss?

Mystery Men

The Blue Raja, now working at Mama Africa

I met some ‘out-o-town’ folk, Canadians, at Mama Africa last night for dinner. I’d never been before, it’s a great place, especially for tourists, fusing quintessential African themes, a gusto enthused marimba band, Abakhaya, and a diverse selection of wildlife on the menu.

My issue was with our waiter. When taking the initial drinks order he seemed to lapse into a catatonic state, staring out the window as he presented a wistful gaze at a roving troop of Scandinavians. Not sure if this was general disinterest or perhaps a post hypnotic suggestion triggered by the word appletizer. Either way, poor form. Later he managed to Catapult a fork, and a fair amount of food across the table. A matrix inspired reaction spared my face from becoming a dart board, though we did pick up a fair amount of debris. “Um buddy…are you going to say anything? You just graffitied the table with antelope” He apologised after the subtle coaxing. Now I didn’t really mind any of this, what tipped the scales was the bill, on which he’d kindly allocated himself a 15% tip. I don’t have problem with tipping 10%, and even 15% on occasion if the service has been excellent. However this should be at the customer’s discretion, not by the Blue Raja reprising his role in Mystery Men.

Tourists through the eyes of a waiter It irks me that as a tourist rich destination we treat foreigner accents as walking dollar signs.  Not cool Mama Africa waiter dude, not cool. Cape town needs her tourists, lets not FiretrUCK them off by blatantly taking the piss. Create an atmosphere that keeps ’em coming back year after year, rather than trying to fleece them in round one.

~ by bowlphilosophy on May 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “Is Mamma Africa taking the piss?”

  1. Nice one dude. Glad I subscribed.

  2. Well said. Love it!

  3. Gees.. I hope that’s not the general service that people are going to receive when visiting Cape Town.. they’d better fix their attitudes

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