Today is Tony Hawk’s Birthday

Tony Hawk
The pioneer of the 900 degree spin turns 42 today. A legacy that began 33 years ago when his brother gave him fiberglass board has seen Hawk establish himself as a global icon of skateboarding. Securing his first sponsorship deal at age 12 with Dogtown Skateboards, turning pro at 14 and ascending the vert throne as the world’s best skateboarder at 16. In the ensuing 17 years as pro skateboard, Tony Hawk won 73 of the estimated 103 contests he entered, placing second in 19, those are some pretty bankable odds that he’d finish on the podium.

Tony Hawk’s Tailored 900

In 1992 Tony Hawk and Ray Barbee pulled into SA to give us a few pointers in vert skating at the LOOK Ahead Skate Park in Sandton, Jo’burg. Alex ‘The Thang’ Jay MC’d the event, dropping the cringeworthy “he flies like a bird, so they call him the hawk.” Thankfully Jay’s redundant observations didn’t desist Hawk’s visits to SA. In 2001 he was back to design the Snake Run at the Wave House Skate Park in Durban. Hawk followed this up in 2008 supporting a skate boarding initiative by local skater Dallas Olberholzer, The Indigo skate Camp in The Valley of a Thousand Hills. The initiative introduces skateboarding to the rural Zulu community. Incredible work Dallas is doing out there. Check out the site: Indigo Skate Camp.

Tony Hawk

Keeping the flavour local, SA’s Luke Morris directed and produced The Tony Hawk Show for Gillette World Sport at the Grand Palais in Paris.

In a word: Absolutely FiretrUCKing Sick!

So today Bowl Philosophy tips its hat to the legend that is Tony Hawk. Turn up your volume and soak up this video, nicely spliced with some alternative mayhem that’ll hopefully inspire you to do something crazy.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world Tony Hawk!

~ by bowlphilosophy on May 12, 2010.

6 Responses to “Today is Tony Hawk’s Birthday”

  1. […] degree spin. Quiksilver seems to set up insane tour events around Europe, previously we featured The Tony Hawk Show at the Grand Palais in Paris. Big productions in incredible locations, it pays […]

  2. I just wanted ot let you know that Tony Hawk was born in 1968 which makes him turning 43 this year, if this was a mistake then I’m glad I could help, if this is just you not updated your website then you shouldn’t have a biography website on a person when you can’t even update it at least once a year.

    • Your article is inaccurate, I skated with him in 1989, he skated our ramp first in Cape Town, The Southwind Ramp in Sun Valley , the old Pick n Pay, then him and Ray Barbie, went to Demo at Standard Bank arena in JHB,please get the facts right🤨

      • i to skated with tony walk in noodhoek i think in fishoek.I have been searching for years to find footage of the first Sa champs in noordhoek,sponsored by pick and pay at the time as i was part of the top 5 winners.I need to find any footage of this event please help me.I reme3ber they had it on junior topsport show.Bret wolmerans was the commentator

  3. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Surely you can’t be.. Really?

    This post was done over a year ago, do expect us to go through the site every year and amend all dates to suit people, like you, who are unable transcend their immediate presence. Let me guess you update your birthday cards each year to reflect your current age, even though you appear to be stuck in your pre-teen years.

    Good luck living with a flat learning curve.


  4. […] degree spin. Quiksilver seems to set up insane tour events around Europe, previously we featured The Tony Hawk Show at the Grand Palais in Paris. Big productions in incredible locations, it pays […]

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