Freedom Day

Didn’t much feel like freedom day to me, I was a slave to the merciless hangover visited upon me but over-hydrating myself at the Balkanology Party. The party kicked miniature elephant butt, been awhile since I went to something as opulent as Vaudeville was for that gig. Can’t say I really ‘got’ the music, circus meets tech in a field with livestock is as close a definition as I can spin, still, managed to tap my toes and shot put my name across the dance floor.

In my weakened state, too dehydrated to console myself with tears, I caught up on a growing pile of visual fodder in the form of South Park’s 200th and 201st episodes, and the latest couple of installments from ABC’s Lost. Lost is winding itself up, blazing a trail of befuddlement towards the finish line, now less than a month away. I’ve enjoyed Lost, at times my loyalty to the production has waned, but that could be a result of a bad stash wreaking unsolicited confusion and complete memory loss, making Lost a self fulfilling prophecy. I’ll chat more about Lost later. What mercifully usurped my attention on Tuesday was South Park. If you haven’t seen Ep 200 and 201 do yourself a favour and down (cough) load (cough) it, or stream it here. It’s nothing shy of genius, as it revisits, and re-insults, past icons of ridicule with the tempered precision that makes South Park one of the greats, its also inspired some virtual garnish in the form of Islamic backlash, and the standard death threat which seems to thrown about quite casually these days. I love South Park’s refusal to shy away from any subject, everything and everyone is fair game, which is how it should be, even if you’re just an unclef&*ker!

~ by bowlphilosophy on April 29, 2010.

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